My Invitation

My Personal Invitation

Hi. My name is John Moore. I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this site!

The purpose of this site is to extend my personal invitation for you to attend my upcoming workshop, “Conscious Prosperity: The Secret to Simple & Lasting Personal Wealth

This is no ordinary workshop. You are going to find that it will challenge many of your beliefs about money. Those beliefs we generally refer to as “Conventional Wisdom”.

Yet the principles I teach require only a “minor” shift in your perceptions to implement them. And, that minor shift could be worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars in additional retirement assets to you.

Would You Invest 4 Hours for Perhaps $100,000’s?

Would you invest about four hours of your time in exchange for information that will add thousands of dollars, maybe millions of dollars, to your future retirement assets? And, there is NOTHING that you “have” to buy or invest in! You just have to make slightly different choices with how YOU choose to use your money!

There are some great programs out there. They teach you everything you could possibly want to know about investing. The only problem is that the average American family is spending 15% more than they earn and has no “extra” money to invest. In my program I’ll show you where to find that money.

There are some incredible investment and prosperity teachers out there as well. They provide us with a lot of incredible insight into beliefs, tithing, and the consciousness and energy of money and investing. I don’t care how much you learn about investing, if the average American family is spending 15% a year more than they earn, all the investing knowledge in the world won’t help them.

The Conscious Prosperity program takes those valuable insights to the next level, providing you with a personalized, step-by-step plan that will teach you how to pay off all of your consumer debt in one to two years, and your mortgage in another four to five years, all with the money you are currently earning — and to then take the money that you were wasting on debt payments and invest it for you own financial security.

It’s About Your Choices!

The primary focus of the workshop is not so much about money as it is about our choices. From a spiritual perspective, the one thing that distinguishes us from all the other creatures on the planet, is that we were given freewill — the ability to make a choice.

And please understand that it’s not that our choices are right or wrong, or good or bad, they’re just choices. I believe there is no good or bad or right or wrong, there are just choices and the results they create.

Our entire lives are created as a result of the choices that we make each and every day. Most of those choices are small, almost seemingly inconsequential.

Frequently we don’t look at or are unaware of the true cost of many of our decisions, and that’s where we need to be aware. We need to make our decisions fully conscious, with ALL the information, not just the part that Madison Avenue and Wall Street would have us use and believe in.

The true cost of those seemingly inconsequential decisions can be staggering. To give you an idea of just some of those costs:

    • How many times have you made a buying decision by justifying it with “Well, it’s only five bucks?” Well, if you do that once a week, over your forty-year working life we’re talking about giving up $137,000 in capital at age 65. And, it’s not only “five bucks” — the typical American will have to earn $8.35 to replace that “five bucks” spent, because of taxation.
    • How many people do we know, that eat lunch out every business day? Simply dining at McDonald’s and just getting a cheeseburger, fries and a coke, you would spend somewhere around $5.00. If you were to do that every business day during a forty-year working career, you would be giving up over $670,000 of capital at age 65! All for a cheeseburger today! And that doesn’t include the cost of the triple by-pass they’ll need for eating all those cheeseburgers!

Now eating lunch out is not a big choice. Most of us would consider this a small choice. Of course, we still have to eat lunch. However, we don’t have to eat out every day, we could brown bag it. And again, it doesn’t mean that we never go out for lunch. Just be aware of what you are giving up in the future by making that choice.

    • Another example, a client was considering buying a new car. Yet when we looked at his real cost of purchasing the car, which includes the lost opportunity, he would have given up over $300,000 of wealth at retirement, to enjoy his new car today!

Although this situation was the exception as opposed to the rule, it did give him all the information to make his choices. By the way, he did not want to give up $300,000 in future wealth for a new car today.

Don’t Live in a Cave!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not proposing that we go live in a cave and become a miserable, miserly hermit. I believe that life is about joy and bliss, and having fun, which at times involves spending money. And in the workshop, you’ll learn a number of ways to enjoy a comfortable fun filled, lifestyle while still accumulating assets for your retirement.

I promise you that this will be the most valuable four hours of your life. And if you don’t feel the same way, it doesn’t cost you a penny!

What I mean by that is that I offer the workshops on, what I call, “Voluntary Value-Based Tuition”. In other words, the workshop tuition will be payable at the completion and based on the value, you feel, you received from the content. So, if you attend the workshop and I don’t do a good job, you don’t pay me! And all purchased materials have a lifetime money back guarantee.

Who Should Attend?

Having facilitated this workshop since 1994 one of the major challenges has been “How” to communicate the benefits of the workshop to people effectively so that it is not perceived to be just for people with “debt problems”. Although the workshop is extremely helpful for people who “are” having problems.

The ideal person to attend the workshop is someone who is paying a mortgage and monthly payments, funding a 401k and investing money each month towards the kid’s education fund or their retirement. Going along thinking that everything is locked and under control. You see, it is that person who this workshop will benefit most because he has no idea how much wealth he is giving away by continuing to have debt in his life.

Are You The Typical American Family?

If you’re the typical American family, you have a household income around $61,372 and the following debts:







Auto 1

$ 37,185

$ 554

Auto 2

$ 20,247

$ 391


$ 2,755

$ 55


$ 4,606

$ 92


$ 1,972

$ 40

Personal Loan

$ 50,516

$ 394




Would You Prefer $550,000 or $2,226,000?

If you follow what is generally taught by most financial planners, you will accumulate right around $550,000 of invested assets over the life of your mortgage.

However, if you follow the “Conscious Prosperity” Program you would accumulate almost $2,226,000 during the same time.

Now here’s the tough question “Which would you prefer, $550,000 and all of your debts, or, $2,226,000 and debt-free?” Keep in mind, that in either choice, you are spending “exactly the same” amount of money. It’s just that by following the “Conscious Prosperity Program” you’ll end up with about $1,676,000 more.

Not bad, an $1,676,000 in increased retirement wealth for investing about three-and-a-half hours with me. And that’s if you’re just typical. Imagine turning every $1 of debt you currently have into about $13.15 of REAL retirement wealth.

And the younger you are, the greater the impact this program will have for you. So, if you’re 40 and typical you’ll get the previous results retiring around age 70.

If you’re 30 you’ll accumulate around $5,180,000 which is about $2,700,000 for your four hours investment with me, turning every dollar of debt into $47.92 of retirement wealth.

If you’re 50 you’ll accumulate around $539,000 which is $243,000 for your four hours with me, turning every dollar of debt into $4.98 of retirement wealth.

I want you to understand that that this program will have a profound effect on not only your financial life, but on all aspects of your life. You’ll begin to feel more energized, sleep better, have a more positive attitude, enjoy your work and relationships more, and overall be more at peace.

Many people feel that we are spiritual beings on a human journey. That being the case, would we not want to experience as much of that human journey as possible?

And one of the major blocks to us experiencing as much joy and bliss as possible on this human journey is the stress that comes from the financial aspect of our lives. This workshop will give you major tools to eliminate the long-term financial stress from your life.

Book or Workshop?

There are two ways that you can learn how to implement this program in your life.

You Can Attend A Workshop? Or…Purchase the Complete Workshop in Book Form!

At the workshop each family receives a comprehensive, 18-page Conscious Prosperity Program workbook, which we use in the class. By the end of the class, you will have created a complete, personalized debt-elimination and wealth building plan that you can take home and implement immediately.

The tuition for the program is payable upon completion and based upon the value you feel you received from the content. I call this “Voluntary Value-Based Tuition”.

Participants who provide a tuition of $199 or greater will also receive a comprehensive, Debt Elimination and Wealth Building Consultation.

And for those of you who are really excited about the program and want to take it home to study it further or share it with family and friends. The COMPLETE workshop, and so much more, is available in book form.